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Breaking Down A Strength Cycle

    The First Verdant CrossFit Gym Wide Strength Cycle

One of the first reasons I began writing this series was to simply answer the most common questions I get asked as a CrossFit gym owner, “What do you guys do?” or “What is your programming like?” The best answer for both questions is that Verdant is an athletic performance facility and we have a competitive focus in multiple disciplines. Continue reading

Low Bar vs. High Bar Squat

For most of us, the back squat is a really basic movement: put a bar on your back, squat down, and then stand back up. That’s about it. The squat may seem like a basic exercise, but in reality, it’s a fairly complex movement that can be done in various ways to produce particular results.

You can make changes to how you perform squats in order to recruit different muscle fibers, engage specific muscle groups, and lift more weight. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. You’ve probably been doing some squat variations in class without even realizing it.

The conversation about all of these variations could last an eternity, so, for this article (and for our sanity), we’ll just focus on the most basic back squat variation: bar positioning. The position of the barbell on your back might seem like an inconsequential detail, but it can actually completely change your joint angles, which muscles do more work, and how much weight you can actually lift.

Here are the two ways you can position the barbell on your back and what that means for your squat -

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