Verdant CrossFit


Fort Vancouver Invitational

We have a number of exceptional men and women competing at the Fort Vancouver Invitational. They are competing January 10th and 11th – if you have interest in coming to watch them there will be a number of cars leaving Boise on the 9th!
Lots of luck and good wishes to –
  • Coach Caleb Cazier and Cameron Pernich
  • Andy Rosenbaum (owner of Boise CrossFit) and Travis Fishburn
  • Tara Hilgert and Coach Caitlin Anderson
  • Stephanie Miller and Coach Amber Gregg (Boise CrossFit)
For more information, visit the Invitational homepage:

Caitlin, Live!

Our amazing athlete, coach, personal trainer, and friend is going to be playing LIVE at The Reef on December 18th! She will be rocking out for about an hour – please come and support her. She is an amazingly talented young woman and we are extremely proud to have her infusing the gym with her energy and expertise!