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Barbell Development

The Olympic lifts, Snatch and Clean and Jerk, are extremely complicated lifts that demand focus, coordination, power and flexibility. The Barbell Development Program is a small class-based series of progressions that break the movements down into smaller and much more manageable pieces.



Our General Physical Preparedness program represents the roots of Verdant. And, yes this curriculum is for everybody! We pride ourselves on being a fully scalable program – meaning, do what you can do. Everyone gets better when you give maximum effort in a controlled environment.



Verdant CrossFit was a collaborative effort from its genesis. Verdant grew and continues to grow from people helping people. We believe in supporting other local companies and working with well-meaning future students. We built Verdant through shared viewpoints and a shared vision.

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What Our Friends Are Saying

We aim to make lasting impressions
Chen Testimonial

Andrew Chen

Competitive CrossFitter

Basile Beaty is one of the best CrossFit coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, training with, and working for. He is a competitor and genuinely cares about everybody’s success. Verdant CrossfFit is bound to be a premier gym spoken in the same breath as CF Invictus, Norcal, and New England.

Mich Testimonial

Michaela Beuvais

Affiliate Owner

Verdant definitely houses the best in Boise! Verdant CrossFit exceeds expectation and delivers in every arena of the fitness landscape. Highly recommended!